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Stasis Services is usually busy assisting clients and rarely takes time out for self-promotion.  However, our News page is where we will share anything significant.


Time to Revise the Website

April 21, 2017
After five years since our 2012 WordPress site launch, Stasis Services releases its revised website. Whilst the visual design elements for our brand remain intact, the changes made are significant under-the-hood technologically. Continue Reading Time to Revise the Website

Stasis Services Sponsored Worley Law Lunch and Learn

May 29, 2013
Stasis Services is committed to helping others conduct their businesses smarter and in a cost-effective manner. We make an effort to align ourselves with others with a similar focus. In the often confusing realm of HR and employment law, many small businesses don't get it right or seek any advice as they perceive it isn't affordable, yet it's a topic that is vital to business success. Continue Reading Stasis Services Sponsored Worley Law Lunch and Learn

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