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The Stasis Services Oracle

The Stasis Services Oracle

Stasis Services Oracle Feature ImageThe Stasis Services Oracle supplements our Client Resource page with more detailed information thought leadership and insights with our articles.  It is unlikely that we’ll be prolific or regular publishers given our busy schedule.  However, we hope that these additional items trigger further questions and research to improve your business and contact Stasis Services for assistance.

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Moving to SSL Encryption. An Imminent Requirement

April 22, 2017
The Stasis Services website is quite simple in its structure. We do not solicit comments on posts or presently request subscribers. Our reasons to embrace SSL encryption are based on best practices, continuing to engender trust with our clients and other site visitors and to realize improved overall performance. In our most recent website revision, migrating to full SSL encryption became a top priority. Continue Reading Moving to SSL Encryption. An Imminent Requirement     Continue reading

Website Accessibility: Best Practices and Ethical Responsibility

April 22, 2017
As Stasis Services worked with our web developer on revising our site, moving towards improving website accessibility evolved into another action item. While not "required" by law for a small business website such as ours, just like the other issues (adopting SSL, improving responsiveness, mobile device compatibility), making our site more inclusive seems an ethical responsibility. Yes, it's a best practice, too. Perhaps even a moral imperative in the spirit of community. Continue Reading Website Accessibility: Best Practices and Ethical Responsibility     Continue reading

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