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Time to Revise the Website

Time to Revise the Website

After five years since our 2012 WordPress site launch, Stasis Services releases its revised website.  Whilst the visual design elements for our brand remain intact, the changes made are significant under-the-hood technologically.

Most marketing experts agree that one should conduct a self-audit of all branding assets every three to five years depending upon business size, strategy, and goals. Such assets include what is typically the most public:  the website.  While the Stasis Services website is small and not overly promoted, it is none-the-less a snapshot of who we are and what we feel is important to those who do not already have an existing relationship.

Stasis Services website version April 2017

Our 7-year website history:

2017 Version

Stasis Services website version April 2017

2012 Version

Stasis Services Website version 2012

2010 Version

Stasis Services website version 2010

Major changes in the underlying technology and Web standards since our last major site revision. So, conducting a self-audit, it seemed prudent to keep our visual design fairly consistent but to focus on needed changes with underlying technology and Web standards.

We’ve been vigilant to keep our website technology well-maintained over the years. Our developer monitors necessary software updates and keeps our site secure to protect not only our investment but also to protect our site visitors from the threat of such things as malware. But we agreed it was time to address some critical issues and set a higher standard.

Our 4 Improvement Focuses:

1. Move to Full SSL Encryption

Starting in 2017, Google has mandated that all websites that include a login, collection of form information or a shop must move to “Full SSL  Encryption.”  This policy is the first of what is expected to be those transitioning to an entirely secure Web (forcing all websites to be served over https).  While Stasis Services doesn’t sell products or collect sensitive information on our site, as a company driven by best practices, we decided to embrace the change now versus later.

Learn more about what is involved in our article:  Moving to SSL Encryption.  An Imminent Requirement

2. Improve Website Responsiveness

The 2010 website was not responsive and completely static in structure with no dynamic content management system (CMS).

Our 2012 dynamic website conversion moved us to WordPress as a bona fide CMS. was technically responsive despite construction on a fixed grid width, but at launch, it complied with current standards. 

Our newest version eliminates previous background images and is a fluid design; the display adjusts to different monitor sizes and devices without requiring multiple site versions or mobile domains.  

3. Improve Mobile Performance

Habits have changed and it is far more likely that a site visitor will use a mobile device (phone or tablet) versus a desktop device. Our old site version displayed in mobile phones, but not as elegantly as now.  Not only have we addressed the ability of our website to display on a mobile device, but also have done other things under the hood to ensure that the site downloads more efficiently.  Some things like our home page slider will not display on devices that have a narrower width.  And rather than route to a mobile domain, our website can detect the device and morph accordingly.

4. Improve Website Accessibility

There are imposed requirements for website accessibility amongst those aligned with the US Government or accept federal funding, educational institutions and commercial sites (like online stores) through a variety of laws.  Stasis Services doesn’t fall into any of the above categories.  Especially with a site revision already underway, including such improvements is the right thing to do for a variety of reasons: on moral and ethical grounds, as well as not making any assumptions about our site visitors or clients.  We feel it’s better to embrace inclusivity. What does it mean to make a website accessible?

Learn more about what means to make a website accessible and its appropriateness for your business.  

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