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Why Stasis Services?

Why Stasis Services?

Our Philosophies and Commitments

We are an anomaly in the IT world

Stasis Services is different from other technology services companies and consultants.  Our philosophies, the way we approach the work, and how we treat clients may be anomalies in the IT world — but that bodes very well for you.

Your business first, technology second.  We always start with your business needs and goals, then work to find the right solutions to support them.  Other companies begin with a solution and work backward, trying to sell you on features that may or may not align with your business needs.

Technology should be painless

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about.  The technology you use to run your business should not add stress and aggravation to your day.  If you have the right solutions in place, technology falls into the background and allows your business’s capabilities to take center stage. Let us show you how.

Technology that does not deliver long-term value is not worth purchasing.  You work hard for your money.  Stasis Services does not take your technology investment lightly.  It is our job to find solutions that meet your current and future business needs so that your total cost of ownership decreases over time.

We want to empower you

Most IT “fix it” companies and consultants make a living by making quick repairs to hardware/software.  They keep you in the dark so that your only option is to call them again the next time you have a problem.  At Stasis Services, we share what we know so that you and your staff can learn and take more control of your technology needs.

Communication is king

Some consultants forget who the client is.  They do not listen when you’re talking.  They use technical language to try to impress and intimidate you.  That does not fly at Stasis Services.  We want to build a strong working relationship with you.  We listen intently to everything you have to say and deliver clear explanations of any and all recommendations we make.

Downtime should not be a given

Dependence on technology has caused some business owners to accept downtime as a routine cost of doing business.  Although downtime may never be fully eliminated, the right solutions will go a long way in terms of limiting your downtime and decreasing your cost of ownership.  Ask us for examples.

Our expertise is advising professional firms

Although our capabilities are applicable to small- and mid-size firms in all industries, Stasis Services has extensive experience helping accounting, legal and other professional services companies.  We stay abreast of the latest technologies, trends, and regulations that affect various kinds of service providers whose data is highly sensitive.  View our testimonials.

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